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British Modern Hardcore Punk band.
Somerset, United Kingdom.
Formed: 2010.
Released the EP 'Reminiscence' in May of 2010 on Broken Night Records.
Released the Album "Life Gone Wrong" 2012 on City Of Gold Records.
Re released the Album "Life Gone Wrong" in 2013 through Pure Noise Records.
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Take me home. @landscapesuk #landscapesuk #hardcoreuk #inked


Take me home. @landscapesuk #landscapesuk #hardcoreuk #inked

any chance you will be touring germany anytime soon? couldn't catch you last time :(

We’re doing one last tour before we go in to record our new album. It’ll be in August through Germany with Deez Nuts & Brutality Will Prevail 

So we might drive to see you with deez nuts in germany! Can you somehow reserve some tickets or something, because we can't buy tickets from Denmark!

Can you email us at landscapesuk @ please pal

yo guys i hope to see you and meet for the next album tour to Indonesia, when it could be true? haha

Totally dude! If we hit Australia then we’ll come to Indonesia as well and vice versa :)

Yo I hope you guys will be on the next amity album tour around Aus, or if not sometime in the near future haha. That would be the raddest!

We could only dream of being given the opportunity to do something like that. We are working on it as best we can so hopefully you’ll catch us pass through a little dive sometime near you <3

YO LADS! I know this is a long fucking shot, but I'll try anyways - So my class and I are going to London next year, late september. I was just wondering if you guys had any shows planned around there. And I'm looking forward to the upcoming album! Peace

This seriously sucks because through the whole of September and the start of October we are in California dude, where are you from? We’ll try and arrange to get out to somewhere near you soon :)


"True hell… Is life gone wrong." - #landscapesuk


"True hell… Is life gone wrong." - #landscapesuk

Could you guys print some xxl merch for your next uk tour? I'd definitely get a few things

We did some xxl stuff before but found we never sold even one of them each time we got them done but sure, we’ll do it again on a trail to see if they sell again purely on the basis of this message :)

where can I post/send my tattoo I got for you guys? I don't use this or Instagram so I'm stuck for options, but I really hope you like it

email us at landscapesuk(at)! We’d love to see it!

Is your band based in Bristol?

Nah, Bristol never gave a flying fuck about us, most of us are from Frome in Somerset.  

You still have Twin Peaks shirts in size large, right? I need to buy one as soon as your shop is online again!

I’m not sure the shop will go back online for a while man, we are running pretty low of them though, we might print some more for a little tour we’re doing in August though ;)

I placed an order on the Life gone wrong hoodie the day before your merchsite was taken down. Will the shirt be shipped anytime in the near future? Love your music, keep it up! x With love // James

Hey James! Yeah that close to when it got taken down might have caused a little delay on it being sent out as we were away that weekend playing Festivile. I know the order you mean though and your hood has been sent now. To Sweden it shouldn’t take too long to reach you buddy. Hope to play somewhere near you soon!

Picked up a Twin Peaks shirt at Festivile. Cheers Lads. Who is the fan?

Shaun’s the tv/film/book nerd bud

Jordan do you play double bass or single kick? I love your way of playing drums! :)

Single kick all the way man! Gotta work that shit and mean it!