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British Modern Hardcore Punk band.
Somerset, United Kingdom.
Formed: 2010.
Released the EP 'Reminiscence' in May of 2010 on Broken Night Records.
Released the Album "Life Gone Wrong" 2012 on City Of Gold Records.
Re released the Album "Life Gone Wrong" in 2013 through Pure Noise Records.
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who/what is on your guys' ipods/playlists right now? And what's your favourite release of 2014 thus far?

Lately it’s been Milk Teeth and it’s been Walleater and it’s been The Afghan Whigs and it’s been Brutality Will Prevail and it’s been Oasis 

What tuning do you guys play in for LGW?

Drop C#

Oh Stanley, I travel a million miles just to covet your smile, oh Stanley.Unfuckwithable 

Oh Stanley, I travel a million miles just to covet your smile, oh Stanley.



✌️💙 #landscapesuk 💙


✌️💙 #landscapesuk 💙

what's the name of Sean's clothing line?

It’s called Cold State Of Mind. It’s not really available from anywhere apart from our store or when we tour though, it’s just a mates thing really

Here’s to @_funemployed_ for basically blowing our minds by getting this on his boat race… His fucking BOAT RACE.

Here’s to @_funemployed_ for basically blowing our minds by getting this on his boat race… His fucking BOAT RACE.

hey guys! i can't wait to see you again in august. 6 hour roadtrip to berlin to see you for the 5th time already. party party!

That’s insane! You are mental but we love you for giving that much of a shit about us to travel so far! Make sure you don’t hide behind this anonymous cloak when you come to the show! Make yourself known and come hangout! :)

Yo guys, I was the one who asked you about the Twin Peaks shirts and I was lucky enough the grab the last large one few days ago! Any plans for shows in east Germany (Chemnitz would be great)? Can't wait to see live!

Awesome man! Thanks for picking one up!
We have plans for a couple of shows this summer in Germany but this will only be a few select dates before we record our new album! :)

Hi, I love your logo! What it means? It looks like humanity damaging the planet.

It’s us breaking it in half ;) was based off a tattoo Shaun has

What's the meaning behind the five symbol?? You guys are awesome! Keep rockin'!

The tally was to resemble the 5 things that had happened to one of us which lead to writing Life Gone Wrong. It also ended up symbolising each member of the band.

When I met Jason from letlive. at Slam Dunk on Monday he was wearing a Landscapes hat/snapback/whatever they're called haha and we bonded over you guys :') hope to see you guys soon!

Wish we had met him too! He sounds like an amazing person! Regardless of being into us or not. Hope you had a fun weekend and hope to see you again soon!

Do you guys have jobs or you just play in Landscapes?

Not really, we work jobs sometimes to help us get by but the main job is Landscapes

There are quite a few people from other bands that love your band. Who is the coolest musician you've found out is a fan of you guys?

I guess that’s true but no different to a lot of bands, we’re just stoked people are into us at all let alone other people from other bands

I'vê tried to get a t-shirt, but I think they don't ship to Brasil, could you guys send it? What about shows here in Brasil??

We ship worldwide from our big cartel mate. However, that is subject to if and when we have merch available to sell online but yeah, we have no issues with posting to anyone, anywhere what so ever.
If we have a demand to be in Brazil we of course would absolutely love to play a bunch of shows in Brazil! :)

Are you playing southampton on July 7th?

That’s a random question I can’t answer I’m afraid pal, I don’t believe we have confirmed anything for that